How Many Gadgets Allowed At Airport

How Many Gadgets Allowed At Airport

We Indians have a culture of the gifting. Either it’s a birthday or if we go to someone’s house for the first time, we carry a gift for them. Either its a marriage or a newborn baby’s arrival celebration we never miss buying gifts for them. Gifts are the best possible thing to make someone feel special. And if you are an Indian who settled abroad or went there for the first time, it simply means while returning back, you will have to buy gifts for the whole family. And when it comes to gifts, gadgets may consider being one of the best options.  Buying a gift is not an issue, the issue is to carry them with you to the airport.

If it’s the first time that you are returning back from abroad, there might be confusion about the number of gadgets you will be allowed to carry with you. Whether there will be a customs charge? Whether you will be allowed to carry with all your gadgets? What exact number of gadgets will they allow? What type of gadgets will they allow?

Whether they will treat you as a smuggler? Lolz. Whether it’s illegal to travel with that number of gadgets? So wait here we are with the article on “How Many Gadgets Allowed In Airport”, this article might answer your queries. So if you are travelling for the first time from abroad to India, this article may be helpful to you. So let’s dive in to find the answer to a related concern. Now no need to feel like a loser just holds your coffee and enjoy the blog.

So here we begin

  • In most of the countries, if you are a traveller above the age of 10 years, you might get an allowance of items that cost 45,001 in Indian rupees. You might have to pay customs if you are carrying some restricted items with you such as cigarettes or alcohol.
  • If you are carrying a particular gadget in bulk the custom officials might think that you are carrying the stuff for reselling purposes. And you might have to pay the customs duties. But it totally depends on the officials, how they get you.
  • It is especially for the Indian citizen who is working abroad, they are allowed to bring back their items related to professional use. But it should be worth noting that computers don’t belong as professional items.
  • There is the confusion whether a tablet is considered in the category of laptop or category of a computer as it is not defined in the Indian custom laws. So if your iPad comes under that limit of 45,001 or not is still up to the customs officials.
  • If you are carrying watches in bulk(more than 7), they might think as it is for the reselling purpose and they can charge you with the customs duties as per their defined customs rules.


So it might be clear now what the number of gadgets one can carry with him at the airport. It simply depends on the custom law of a particular country. So open your heart as you can carry as many gifts as you want. So enjoy your journey without having confusion about the customs as we described all the related stuff to the number of gadgets you will be allowed to carry at the airport. Sometimes it also depends on the customs officials that how they see you. So be calm and confident unless you are not a smuggler. Lolz.

So this was our article on “How Many Gadgets Allowed In Airport”, hope this article might be helpful for you in travelling home. That’s all for now. So far now you have a broader idea about the number of gadgets you will be allowed at the airport.  Visit our website for more such articles. Also, there is a dedicated section on the Gadgets where we post gadgets oriented posts. You might like those posts too. So comment down below and let us know whether the particular piece of information was helpful for you or not. You can also suggest the topic that you want us to bring for you.

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