The influence of Instagram

The influence of Instagram

The influence social media has on our lives these days is unarguably undeniable. It is used not only by the lay man but also by celebrities and people from different political parties and other professions. This is a fact that if a person has an access to the internet he definitely is a social media user.

The amount of people that use these social applications like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter etc. Is almost uncountable as there are millions of users throughout them. However, the most hyped and used social media application nowadays is Instagram and it has over one hundred million number of actives accounts at the moment.

Why does Instagram house so many celebrity profiles?

Instagram houses the largest number of celebrity open accounts. From the last few years since most of the people reverted from using Facebook to Instagram. People including big name celebrities have been into Instagram and have accumulated millions of followers. This is due to things it does better than other social media applications.

It takes all the features from the others apps like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and makes it one. You are able to share stories with your followers in the form of small clips. You can also add pictures and videos to your profile and even go live on your Instagram account and interact with your followers and collaborate with brands on various things and earn form it. That is the main reason so many people have been using it so regularly.

Where do all these Instagram users come from?

Instagram is the most preferred out of all the current social media applications in the market. The reasons for this a quite a lot. Primarily it is because of the all the media presence on Instagram. This media ranges from content that has information to educational content and entertainment in general.

Another major reason is the presence of celebrity profiles. The famous people have a following in millions. So many of their fan’s tilt towards Instagram so that they may be able to watch out for their favorite people on the internet and get instant news if they are working on a latest project or any update in general.

Instagram for business and promotion

People who know they have a talent and don’t get media attention to show that, for them Instagram is probably the best platform out there. If you are working on your account, uploading regular and good content, there is no doubt that you will be introduced a lot of sponsors who will pay you a lot. In addition, there is a bio option on it where you can express yourself with catchy captions and words that define you and plugin things like a YouTube channel or a website if you have one.

Promoting a link with a swipe up story is different for people with an alternating number of followers. There is a thing called a swipe up feature which is available only for the stories. In that you can upload a story and add a plug-in link with it so that when people swipe up on it, it will take them there. But this feature is locked and only available when you exceed a total number of more than 10 thousand followers on the application.

Increasing your followers

The more followers you have the higher will be the chance of you getting many sponsors and paid content for you Instagram account. Followers’ growth is generally very slow. It is highly unlikely that you have made your account one day and the next day your followers will have exceeded 10k unless you are already famous.

Followers can be gained by moving gradually yet consistently. The best practice is to keep doing what you do best and keep uploading. There will come a time when you will start to get noticed by people. That’s your cue and now you will earn followers.

Another method is to pay Instagram to sponsor your profile on the app. SO, it will be prominent to the people and that will open it and if they like your content they are bound to follow you. Some people, who are already friends with people who are Instagram influencers ask for shoutouts from them. They refer their Id’s and people visit them. Or you can also ask smaller creators on Instagram to have a shoutout for shoutout policy in this way both will grow by gaining each other’s followers. But this highly depends on the quality of your content.

A few people even buy the followers. There are many websites that offer Instagram followers at different rates.

Features for celebrities on Instagram

If you have 10,000 followers on Instagram, it will give you the option of swipe up yourself. But, for those who don’t have this number of followers they can directly add this option but there is a solution for that. In this way you directly take people to your videos, websites or a sponsor’s website.

Instagram also has a feature known as IGTV, which lets you make longer videos. It has been recently introduced and people love it. On Instagram the maximum limit of a post used to be one minute which was insufficient in many ways. Therefore, this feature helps people cover topics and go into details if they want.

Also, Instagram has policies where you can pay it to feature your profile to the people so you are highlighted more to the audience.

Generally, it is a great app, but content creators are not much fan of the algorithms on the application as it does not make it easier for them to grow their number of followers. But to the general audience it is a feature rich and complete social media platform


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Kaylson Scot

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