The Main Problem With 99% Of Clothing Brand – Startups Guide

The Main Problem With 99% Of Clothing Brand – Startups Guide

The number one problem that is super common amongst clothing brand owners is if you’re looking at just the clothing brand itself. Objectively not talking here about mindset or how to run your clothing brand if we just look at your clothing brand and we assess you know what the problem is.

Its been seen that when it comes to brand review anytime, clothing brand asking for feedback. And the problem is almost every time with your clothing brand concept and your brand concept is basically what your clothing brand is all about. It is clearly expressing that to your audience where they understand what your brand is about what we see.

So we are going to dig in deep what are the key issues with clothing startups.

Let’s begin

Never Shy To Describe Yourself

Actually people can just like see it and they’re like okay I get it, I want to jump on board but if you look at it. People really need you to express super clearly what your brand is all about. Because if you don’t do that if you don’t take that in your own hands then people are going to come across your brand. They’re going to see it’s just kind of fluffy they’re going to have no idea what your brand is really about. They’re going to get confused and leave. We believe this is what has been happening with 99%  startups who begin with clothing brands.

Leave Clear Messaging

To the point where you know when people stumble across it for the first time everything is clicking right away in the way that you want it to with your target audience. If there’s one part of your clothing brand that we would highly recommend to you that you just literally stop everything that you’re doing and you get working on to try and figure out and master it’s that brand concept. It not just sort of uh just looking over it as if it’s this little thing. But really taking the time to go deep into your messaging and think about you know how it’s coming across. So that it makes sense and meshes with people’s identity. Because for an average clothing running for at least 3 to 4 comes to in a situation where can tackle this this step.

Marketing Effort

All the marketing efforts you put like the first 2 years would do so much better if you take the time to go into brand concept and get the  messaging as clear as mirror. It will way easier to come up with content for social media because you knew all about you brand you know exactly what were trying to express.

Brand Concept

If we look at your foundation it’s really the beginning of everything. Your brand concept, your idea of what your clothing brand’s all about. If you’re not able to connect with people and mesh with their identity then you’re really going to be screwed. Actually your foundation is your brand concept. Your website, your product quality and your social media presentation are part of this. Visit patchesmania that described well the customized promotional products. While your website, product quality and social media presentation don’t mean anything unless you know what your brand concept is.

Get Specificd

A lot of clothingman owners don’t want to niche down they want to leave their audience super broad and not pick a lane and go after it. Because in their mind when they go after a specific lane and they niche down then what they’re doing is they’re excluding a whole group of people.

But in reality that’s exactly what you need to be  doing, you need to get specific enough that certain people aren’t right for your brand. There’s a  particular group of people that are perfect for your brand. That’s when you’re going to notice amazing results coming in for your brand. There’s a saying “The riches are in the niches”.


So many times are clothing brand owners that seem to have a blind spot around this where they just assume that people coming across their clothing man for the first time are going to understand what their brand is all about and their abstract meaning behind their brand. We hope our guide will help you to understand what is the main objective of such entrepreneurs. And what a clothing start-up should adopt to launch a successful brand in the market.

Kaylson Scot

Kaylson Scot

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